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DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA, a member of YIOULA Group, with its production facilities in Sofia and Plovdiv, is the leading manufacturer of glass containers both in Bulgaria and on the Balkan peninsula.

DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA, in its capacity of a successor of Stind SA Sofia and Drujba SA Plovdiv, has inherited the tradition and professionalism in glass-manufacturing, dating back to 1931.

What DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA is nowadays originates from the strategic decision of YIOULA GLASSWORKS SA, Greece, in 1997, to invest in glass-manufacturing in Bulgaria. This decision has resulted into the commissioning, in cooperation with leading suppliers for the glass industry, of two new, modern glass-manufacturing plants.

Within one decade a new glass-melting furnace, designed by SORG GmbH Germany, was commissioned at the Sofia site, equipped with up-to-date highly-productive manufacturing lines, control devices and well-trained personnel; one of the workshops in Plovdiv was completely renovated; a new production facility – ranking fourth by capacity in Europe, was launched in operation at the Plovdiv site. Again the testing and control equipment is provided by the world leaders in that field. The renovation and investment in the company equipment and capabilities is an on-going process.

Nowadays DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA has an annual production capacity exceeding 1 billion pieces of glass containers. The company serves clients from more than 20 countries all over the world. Our goods reach Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, CIS, Romania, etc. InBev, Heineken, Carlsberg, Coca Cola Co., Pepsi Co. are some of our international clients who count on us as a reliable business partner.

Our current product list comprises a wide range of bottles for wine, beer, hard and soft drinks, foods, chemical substances, etc., as well as jars. DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA offers to the market more than 500 shapes of containers produced in flint, green, olive-green and amber colour, in classical or personalized design to client’s order. The company has a decoration printing line for glass bottles.

Realizing our responsibility to the clients as well as to the consumers, we have implemented the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS and ISO 22000 standards in both facilities of DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA – in Sofia and Plovdiv. That fact is certified by Lloyd’s Register. The next step is the integration of all the procedures into a total quality management system. The striving for continuous improvement has become an integral part of the mentality of our workforce.

Our commitment is:

to provide the best quality glass containers both to local and international clients.
to respond to the fast changing market trends
to motivate the company personnel through care, training, improving ambiance
to take care of the environment through our behaviour and investment program
to be a responsible member of society.

DRUJBA GLASSWORKS SA is your reliable partner on the highway to success

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