About Us - Environment Policy

Herewith the Management of DRUJBA GLASSWORKS announces its Environment Protection Policy, in order this policy to be understood and implemented by the company staff and to be proclaimed to all stakeholders.

Environment protection is one of the main priorities in the management of DRUJBA GLASSWORKS.

In our business, i.e. production of glass containers (bottles and jars) for domestic and export markets, we strive to reduce our environment impact, complying with the following guiding principles:

To maintain, develop and improve the implemented Environment Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004;
To comply with the applicable legislation and voluntarily adopted internal corporate rules on environment protection, relating to all activities, processes, products and services;
To protect the Environment by reducing air, water and soil pollution;
To conduct the waste management activities in an environment-friendly manner;
To monitor and measure the processes and activities of considerable environment impact;
To strive for optimal consumption of natural and energy resources;
To make efforts to reduce GHG emissions aiming to mitigate the effects of global warming;
To contribute to the fulfillment of the national recycling targets through packaging glass waste recovery;
To train the staff in commitment and higher personal responsibility for environment protection;
To maintain active cooperation with the competent authorities as well as stakeholders and inform on novelties in environment protection.

The Management of DRUJBA GLASSWORKS requires from the company employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, etc. partners to comply with the declared commitments for environment protection.

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